Brief description of the equipment

SCOUT MT-700 Lite - contains a basic set of functions that allow you to control the movement of vehicles at minimal cost. Among them: vehicle tracking, speed, direction of movement, duration and parking places.

This modification is the best choice for companies providing taxi and courier services, as well as for rapid response services.

SCOUT MT-700 ENT is a car tracker, which combines reliability, simplicity of Lite and functionality of PRO execution, built-in buzzer for signaling the driver, possibility to connect CAN, OBD, LLS due to additional interface RS-485

SCOUT MT-700 PRO - designed for companies that, along with the movement of vehicles, need to control additional parameters. Fuel level sensors, mechanism operation, passenger presence, etc. can be connected to this modification. MT-700 PRO trackers will help to significantly reduce the cost of maintaining large fleets of vehicles: save fuel, increase the safety of cargo transportation and discipline of drivers.

Among the key features of the PRO modification:

SCOUT MT-700 DVR combines the functions of the tracking terminal with the use of GLONASS/GPS/GSM technology and autonomous digital 4-channel video recorder.

SCOUT MT-700 EXT has the advantage of easy installation, which is carried out in the under-roofed area of the vehicle and connected directly to the vehicle's battery terminals.

Fuel level sensor PetrolX (FLS) is designed to determine the fuel level in the tank of vehicles.

Types of fuel in which the FLS works:

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