Glossary is usually defined as an alphabetical list of technical terms in some specialized field of knowledge. This knowledge base glossary provides a collection of knowledge base documents that define many technical terms. These terms are arranged alphabetically, but you can quickly jump to a specific term by selecting its first letter from the index of the knowledge base glossary below.

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The number of bits that are conveyed or processed per unit of time. Bitrate can also describe the quality of an audio or video file. Just like the quality of an image is measured in resolution, the quality of an audio or video file is measured by the bitrate. Thus, the higher bitrate is, the better an image or audio is and the less space it takes.
One process in a chain of processes, such that its limited capacity reduces the capacity of the whole chain.
(Controller Area Network) — a low-level network that provides connections between simple industrial devices (such as sensors, actuators, and valves) and higher-level devices (such as PLC controllers and computers).
A GUI widget that permits the user to make a binary choice, i.e. a choice between one of two possible mutually exclusive options. For example, the user may have to answer ’yes’ (checked) or ’no’ (not checked) on a simple yes/no question.
Customer Support
Equipment Development Department
Flat design
A minimalist design style, used in graphical user interfaces such as web applications and mobile apps and often contrasted to skeuomorphism and rich design. It allows interface designs to be more streamlined and efficient. It is easier to quickly convey information while still looking visually appealing and approachable.
Fuel Level Sensor - a sensor, which allows to monitor fuel consumption and help to determine when to refill the tank
Graphical user interfaces
Human Resources
Unique identification number
Knowledge Base
Lavalier microphone
(or a lavalier, a lav, lapel mic, clip mic, body mic, collar mic, neck mic, personal mic) — a small microphone used for television, theatre, and public speaking applications in order to allow for hands-free operation. These miniature microphones are often supplied with a choice of push-on grilles of differing lengths that provide gentle high-frequency boost by forming a resonant cavity.
Operating System
A plan of how to achieve, improve or promote something.
Shotgun Microphone
A highly directional microphone that must be pointed directly at its target sound source for proper recording. Shotgun microphones use unidirectional microphones to achieve this high beam of concentration on the sound source to record the sound. At low frequencies they have the classic polar response of a hypercardioid but at medium and higher frequencies an interference tube gives them an increased forward response. This is achieved by a process of cancellation of off-axis waves entering the longitudinal array of slots. A consequence of this technique is the presence of some rear lobes that vary in level and angle with frequency, and can cause some coloration effects.
Target Audience
Talking head
The televised head and shoulders shot of a person talking. It’s also used to describe people (politicians, spokespeople, experts, etc.), who appear in television discussion programmes and interviews to give their opinions about a topic as well as teachers and lecturers.
User Activity
A log of user actions on SCOUT platform