SCOUT Online

SCOUT Online is a new web interface which has extended a range of available interfaces on the SCOUT 365 cloud server. In the future, we expect SCOUT Online to become the main web interface, replacing Click and SilverStudio, whereas SCOUT Studio will remain a professional dispatcher tool.
The interface is available at

You can use your SCOUT 365 login and password to access SCOUT Online .

For example:
Login: demo
Password: demo

SCOUT Online is intended for managers and executives of client companies.
This interface is designed to provide quick access to the SCOUT System data on the device an employee has - personal computer, laptop, tablet, smartphone, and it does not require any additional components (Silverlight type) to be installed.
In addition, SCOUT Online will be the basis for the product solutions of SCOUT GC, which require a new approach to data visualization.

In the first version of SCOUT Online, the following basic monitoring and transport options are available:

  • Display of objects in the map.
  • Display of objects status, their location, engine operation status and fuel level.
  • Tracks creation.
  • Reports in PDF and Excel file format.
  • "Movement and parking with fuel" report is shown directly in the interface.
  • The "Movement and Parking with Fuel" report is right in the interface.
  • End-to-end search.

In addition, an adaptive web version for PCs and mobile devices has been released.

It is important to note the limitations of this version:

Currently, the list of supported browsers includes Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Safari, Ivanex.Browser. Full support for Internet Explorer and Edge will be added in future updates.
The experience of SCOUT Click launch suggests that there are features of displaying web applications in different browsers and on different mobile devices. Therefore, there is a risk that with certain combinations of devices and browsers, individual interface elements may not be displayed correctly.